Experience a revolutionary concept in contemporary living and commerce with “The Sultan,” an extraordinary development by Gondal Group of Marketing nestled in the heart of Mumtaz City. This landmark project redefines luxury, convenience, and investment opportunities.

The sultan Mumtaz city

A Fusion of Lifestyle and Business: “The Sultan” seamlessly integrates commercial and residential spaces, offering upscale shops and luxurious apartments within a single, awe-inspiring structure.

Luxurious Apartments with Unparalleled Amenities: Step into opulence within our exclusive apartments, each boasting exquisite interiors and innovative amenities, including private chakozi and swimming pools, for unparalleled relaxation and leisure.

Exemplary Leadership and Commitment to Excellence: “The Sultan” bears the signature of our esteemed CEO, symbolizing our unwavering dedication to quality and innovation throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Timely Delivery and Client Satisfaction:

At Gondal Group of Marketing, we promise timely delivery of “The Sultan,” ensuring a hassle-free investment journey with our transparent payment plan allowing possession in just three years, after a swift two-year construction period.

Seamless Transition to Profitable Ventures: “The Sultan” offers lucrative opportunities for business owners and investors, with rental income commencing upon completion, allowing clients to capitalize on their investments from day one.

Regulatory Compliance and Transparent Processes: Before construction begins, Gondal Group of Marketing is meticulously preparing all documentation for submission to the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), ensuring regulatory compliance and a seamless approval process.

Embrace the Future of Urban Living and Commerce: As Ramadan approaches, anticipate the groundbreaking of “The Sultan,” marking the dawn of a new era in Mumtaz City. Join us as we redefine modern living and commerce, one visionary project at a time.

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